About Us

Dylan Taylor
Dylan Taylor
Founder & Chairman

If you can dream it,
It can happen.

Multiverse Media Group LLC is a media company focusing on space exploration, science, and technology. Out team create top-tier film, digital news, multimedia experiences, and literature for the space and science community. Our group consists of Multiverse Media which houses the award-winning documentary filmmakers responsible for The High Frontier: The Untold Story of Gerard K. O’Neill, 2211.World, the Ad Astra Dinners, and Multiverse Publishing. Our publishing division is known for its roster of authors including Frank White, Dylan Taylor, Isaac Asimov and Gerard K. O’Neill.

Meet the Team

Will Henry Creative Director

Will Henry

Creative Director

Rebecca Carey Publishing Associate

Rebecca Carey

Publishing Associate

Dani Scott | Social Media Manager

Dani Scott

Social Media

Ian VanDooren

Ian VanDooren

Web Designer

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